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Raspberry Pi emulation on QEMU for OSX

Posted on Feb 7 by

I’ve been searching for an easy way to develop openFrameworks for Raspberry Pi. One of the first things I thought is to emulate the hardware in a virtual machine and run...


openFrameworks 0.7.4 on the RapberryPi

Posted on Jul 29 by

As you may already know, version 0.8 of openFrameworks will include support for RaspberryPi among other armV6 and armV7 linux powered devices (PandaBoard, beagleBone…). If...


Some Hackintosh components arrived

Posted on May 2 by

The first hackintosh components for my build have just arrived. This is the wifi card, a Broadcom BCM94322MC chipset (has a/b/g/n specifications), you can find it in eBay for...